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As a Sacramento SEO Company we know it is crucial to have your web site on top of search results. This is done by improving your search ranking and online presence, by using original and high quality keyword rich content, obtaining links from high ranking websites, directory submissions, and constantly adding original content on a to your web site. Our primary goal is to increase our clients traffic and then increase onsite conversion rate (called conversion rate optimization which means increased leads from contact forms or increased sales).

Unless a company’s web site shows up on page one of Google searches and other major search engines, it will receive very little traffic. Which could mean thousands spent on a fancy website, with little to no return on investment. We are counted on by our clients that require lead generation and e-commerce websites, to improve their rankings for relevant search terms, in order to boost traffic and capture a greater share of web leads., recognizes that Sacramento seach engine optimization (SEO) is a science. It is very important to the highly trained professionals at our company, to optimize your website so it meets the specifications of search engines like Google and Bing, as to what they expect to see on a web site. When done properly by a skilled Sacramento SEO Company architect, sites that are optimized rank better. These are referred to as “organic” or “natural” search results, as opposed to pay per click advertising. Clients see sites that naturally rank high as being more authoritative or trustworthy than sites that pay for ads to get shown on the results page. For naturally ranking sites there is no money exchanged between the site owners and search engine company, the position is based on an effectively optimized code and relevant content. Users have a better online experience and stay longer on sites that have proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

When Google robots crawl your website and scans other web sites, they take many aspects into consideration when determining what page ranking to give a site. At Blaze Studios we will optimize your site in all aspects of SEO in order to increase your PR or Page Ranking.

Being discovered online is the single function of a local Sacramento SEO Company.

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Alyssa and Mario’s big day took place at the Hill House at Kunde Family Winery in Kenwood, CA.

The couple agreed that they did not want what they refer to as a ‘typical Jersey wedding’ with white marble floors (or worse yet, carpet), purple lighting, etc. Coming from New Jersey, the couple wanted the wedding in California to be a special one at Kunde Family Winery. Their vision for the wedding was for it to be elegant and romantic, but still very relaxed. I think they achieved that! The wedding was very classy and they couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful location for their ceremony and reception.

If you think that the officiant and groom favor one another, it’s because the groom’s brother Mike officiated the wedding! What an honor it must have been for Mike to lead the ceremony as his brother Mario married the love of his life.

We strive to make sure our couples are given photos from their wedding day that provide a lifetime of memories. Getting ready, first looks, details, ceremony, venue, cocktail hour and the reception. We don’t want you to miss a moment of your big day.

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“When Alicia Met Tara, Must Love Dogs”

OK I could work on that title a little, but Tara and Alicia’s love story definitely could be a rom-com.  One that even the two of them would enjoy 😉  After all when you are searching for a roommate on Craigslist, and wind up finding that AND the love of your life, just throw in some snow and NYC and you’ve got a hit!

Alicia responded to a Craigslist ad, looking for a temporary place to stay.  Tara was bummed to be losing her sister/best friend as a roommate so her expectations weren’t too high as to who could possibly replace her.  Enter Alicia.  They hit it off and she soon moved in.  It wasn’t long before Alicia wanted to hang out with Tara outside of roommate life and they were more than roommates, but really great friends.

Very naturally that friendship turned into more, and Tara + Alicia realized they were falling in love.  They both talk about feeling those butterflies when they would see the others’ car in the driveway when they arrived home after those long days, they have traveled the world together and have had the funnest dates in NYC and Sydney Australia.  Alicia loves Tara’s kind heart.  In her words the world needs more people like her, and I couldn’t agree more!  She also loves how driven and playful she is.  Her childlike sense of humor always makes Alicia laugh which is perfect since Tara absolutely loves when Alicia smiles.  She says Alicia’s smile and laugh is infectious and her eyes just light up. I also couldn’t agree with this more!  And of course they both love their adorable puppy babies Baxter and Franklin!

Speaking of Baxter and Franklin…

We all know what happens next for a couple so obviously made for each other, the proposal!  But Tara wasn’t going to make it too obvious.  They were on their annual trip to Block Island and Alicia’s proposal senses were on high alert.  But when it didn’t happen on the super romantic and gorgeous Mohegan Bluffs, she was a little disappointed.  Tara however had a plan the whole time, and while they were stopped at the lighthouse Tara pulled out a photo of their fur babies which read “We want our moms to be together forever”.  I mean AWW.

Alicia of course said yes, even though she doesn’t remember much after that!  But they soaked in the moment, calling family and friends and enjoying their newly engaged status.  They soon started planning a beautiful Farmington Gardens wedding.

September 29th, 2018

The ladies started the day off getting ready in separate rooms at the Delamar West Hartford.  They chose the beautiful hotel knowing that their guests would truly enjoy the unique ambiance and great location.  It was a fun, relaxed morning surrounded by their wedding parties and mothers.  They exchanged super thoughtful and sentimental gifts with each other, which began the happy tears for the day!  Eventually we made our way to their Farmington Gardens wedding for their first look.

Tara + Alicia wanted to see each other at the same time for the first look instead of one walking up to the other.  To do this, we placed them back to back and had them turn at the same time.  Their reactions were absolutely priceless.  Full of pure, genuine love, there were more happy tears and each speechless with how beautiful the other looked.  After some time for themselves we started taking photos around the gorgeous property.  If you have ever been to a Farmington Gardens wedding you can’t help but to be astounded by the stunning landscaping, gardens and beautiful greenhouse.  It made it so easy to just keep photographing them, everywhere we looked there was more that needed to be captured!

Tara + Alicia were married by Tara’s brother who performed a very funny and sweet service.  They wrote their own vows to each other which were also funny, sweet, and talked a lot about the dogs.  Tara actually even noted how Alicia only smiled when she mentioned the pups haha.  For a unity ceremony, they blended sand from each of the special places they would visit on family vacations, and then they were finally pronounced Mrs. + Mrs.!

After their first sweet slow dance to Sara Bareilles’ “I Choose You”, and some hysterical toasts from their sisters, the party was underway.  Their friends didn’t stop dancing the entire night, and aside from a couple minutes apart to cut the cake, neither did the newlyweds!  I love when I get to see my couple’s really enjoying the party and it was obvious they were having the Best. Day. Ever.  Add to that a grilled cheese bar at the end of the night, and it’s what wedding dreams are made of!!

Tara + Alicia, it’s an absolute honor to be considered your friend.  It has been so much fun getting to know you both over the years and now for sharing this most special day tougher.  I can’t wait to watch you continue to travel together, flip houses, and start a family!  Your love is so obvious and beautiful, thank you for sharing it with the rest of us.

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IndigoSkyStudios – Sacramento Wedding Photography & Videography

The love story begins with dating. A story of the family – with a wedding photo. The wedding photo bears the fullness and sincerity of all the happy moments of the wedding cerimony. This photographer is able to convey all the emotions that people experience on the day of their wedding. A professional wedding photographer from Sacramento will help you determine the place and scenario of the ceremony video. Our company has a complete set of all modern solutions for that would make the wedding photography unique. A great selection of wedding packages will help you choose exactly what you need and do this day is unforgettable.

Indigo Sky was created with a simple vision in mind. A vision to bring together some of the brightest photographers and videographers as one family.

Our photographers are eager to use their talents in capturing your special moments. They understand that what they capture through their lenses will last a lifetime

for you and your loved ones to cherish. Our videographers are trained to capture your special moments of laughter, love and tears of joy in detailed and cinematic artistry that will truly reflect the beauty of your wedding day. Based in Northern California, we provide services all through the nation. Contact our professional team today.

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